Quick November Update + Now on Tumblr

It’s quite funny that my last post begins by talking about how it was already September. Well, here we are all the way in November! Quite frankly, I’ve had some of the most intensely stressful and dreadful months lately. Chalking October up to a total loss.

Another aspect of my own inability to write here is an unfortunately enduring mindset that my posts should be “substantial,” in the sense that they are intellectually and/or emotionally engaging. At its core, that is what this space is for me–a little notch cut into the immense, protean face of the internet where I can think about writing and reading and a general life of thought and feeling. I’ll feel a vague pressure–entirely emanating from myself, mind you–that those are the only posts worth working on, and the rest are polluting the “real” content.

I recently talked about blogs with some folks at Heung, ranging from privacy/security issues to its place within one’s writing practice. It helped me process the fact that I maintain this space to give myself a little reprieve from the urgencies of everyday survival so I can write whatever I want–quotidian ephemera included. I often feel as if things are closing in around me and simply writing, while not a radical break or even suspension of pressing forces, is a way for me to remain in sensitive tension to bleakness and wonder and the cavities therein.

It just feels nice to go back to a type of post where I don’t need to edit or even proofread. Of course, my generative reflection posts on writing will continue (slowly writing a post on a Phillip B. Williams poem) but I kinda like kicking back and just going with the flow here. A microblogging modality transposed (back) into blogging.

My final note here is that I created a Tumblr for this blog, which will mainly display and link back to the content I post here. I also might do super tiny updates or Tumblr discourse-specific posts there. Think of it as a continuous drizzling of this site. The link is here.

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