In the Works

Somehow, it is September already. I spent nearly all of August suspended–waiting for the appearance of anything that would orient me in time and space.

As are many periods of ostensible inactivity, I think I spent the last month latently processing ideas and projects yet to be. A month in the works. As such, I figured I’d briefly reflect on my current projects–not necessarily believing that they’ll surface into visibility or even survive the process of being constructed but just to acknowledge that things move even in stillness.

I’ve been slowly thinking through a potential post on a Mariana Enriquez short story. I am working (faltering, really) on a lyric essay collab for a forthcoming Heung anthology (!). My bloodshot eyes sweep ever-slowly across lit mags, looking for the next poem to write a generative reflection on. I am trying to drink more water. I’m drafting some guidelines and a description for our workshop. I’d like to look up at the sky more often and not just feel like I need to fall asleep.

Speaking of the workshop guidelines, I scheduled a boring admin meeting earlier today since I needed other brains to bounce ideas off of. This document has been in the works for months but I just couldn’t bring myself to draft it out beyond a few pitiful stubs. It was very humbling that people showed up for a rather dry meeting to share really discerning insights on the workshop and what it ought to be. Despite my marrow-curdling exhaustion, their contributions really animated me to make some substantial progress. Another visceral reminder of how great and miraculous community can be.

As for this space, I’m planning on getting out another poem-propelled reflection this month. Probably a bit on the shorter side, but we’ll see. Until then.