Things Continue

About a couple weeks ago I got incredibly sick and I’m still feeling exhausted from it. I also have an annoying (or scary, depending on context) residual cough. It was somehow not COVID.

Aside from causing me to fall behind on work, I’ve had a blog post in the pipeline for a while now that has been continuously delayed by my fatigue. It’s about a fantastic poem that I’ve been thinking about and then transitions to a discussion on style, Mary Gaitskill, and other notes on craft. I’m aiming to get it out in the next week or so, just so I can get those fragmented thoughts down and I can move on to the many other things on my plate.

Continuing to hew and hack and blunder forward with the workshop space, and I’m always grateful for all the people showing up, leaving comments/feedback, and being generally supportive. It’s one of the few oases where I can sit down and write, but even more importantly it helps me retain a really lively connection with a writing community. I’ve always sought out workshops, writing circles, reading groups, etc. wherever I go, and I’m forever thankful and appreciative to most of the people I’ve shared space with. But this workshop in particular feels special. Good times in the ruins of the present.

Well, this is just to say: things continue. The attrition but the life-sustaining things too.

Casual, bloggy updates on this site are still rare but I’m using this space however I see fit. Better than logging onto Twitter and seeing what horrors await me there. I was telling a friend about this ramble-blog and said “sometimes you just have to claim your space.” So–here I am!

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